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A Bit About Our Company


Q Gourmet is committed to advancing the quality and variety of the specialty food industry by offering good tasting, healthy food to indulgent foodies. We provide a specific range of exciting products to engage the desires and imagination of the growing food conscious consumers. Our Products: All Natural, Wholesome, Artisan, Specialty Foods Our focus is on re-branding food as a life enhancing choice instead of a repetitive necessity. Our selections are very personal. With every product we bring unique selections, nutritional consciousness, and environmental integrity. All products are: all natural, with no artificial flavors or preservatives and great premium ingredients. Simply put ....fabulous food!

Why Us?


Nutritional Responsibility:

We take full responsibility for the nutritional assets of the products we sell and believe in full disclosure on our labeling.

Environmental Consciousness:

We are conscious of the needs of consumers who want to be environmentally "correct" in their purchasing decisions. We therefore strive to be Eco-efficient through the delivery of competitively priced goods and services by efficient use of appropriate packaging and keen awareness of the need to reduce transportation costs.

Variety of Choice:

Specialty food is essential to everyone. It allows us to step out of the convenient and instant and into the wholesome and natural. Everyone deserves to have access to great food.

Passionate About


As a business, NSCo delivers healthy products that matters to our clients. As a conscious global enterprise, we value and have chosen to support initiatives that empower women. Specifically in the areas of; literacy and education, entrepreneurship, advancement and nutrition. It helps us ensure that we are making a positive contribution and a meaningful difference in the community.

Our work is done through strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations in communities where our products are sold and produced. We contribute to various initiatives by giving back to the community whether it involves hands on efforts in fundraising, donations, goods and services or volunteer efforts; it all plays an important role in the way we do business.

We welcome opportunities to partner with organizations, programs and/or projects that fall within our identified key focal areas or those that provide significant marketing value to our brands.

To request a package for non-profit partnership please email: jeaneva@qgourmet.com
Jeaneva Spencer, Community Relations

news & events

August 9, 2009
Scarborough Woman's Sauce Served at the White Scarborough's Nadine Spencer is helping feed the first family.
Spencer, the owner of Q Gourmet, was in Washington, D.C. a few months ago for an event showcasing Canadian products to American stores. Her Q Gourmet Smokey Barbecue sauce was tasted by Guy Mitchell, a renowned chef who has worked on special engagements for the White House, who liked it so much he selected it to be used for dinner that evening.

July 14, 2009
Halifax chef and restaurant owner Ray Bear has created a barbeque sauce fit for the most discerning barbeque lover ever to sit in the Oval Office.
Toronto food entrepreneur and president of Q Gourmet Inc., Nadine Spencer, recently travelled to Washington DC to demonstrate her wildly popular Q Gourmet Smokey Barbeque cooking sauce...

July 9, 2009
Bear's barbecue sauce on White House menu.
Whether it’s made it to the First Palate he can’t say, but one of Chef Ray Bear’s sauces is being used in the most prestigious kitchen in the U.S.

July 7, 2009
Smokey BBQ Cooking Sauce Makes it to the White House.
Canada's Q Gourmet Smokey Barbecue Sauce Wins Hearts and Minds in Washington, D.C. Even the White House tries a taste.