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Building  women’s futures through entrepreneurship

13,000 women
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Leadership Education Advancement Nutrition

Providing independence and prosperity
for women owned companies through structured entrepreneurship

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Mission Statement :

Building women’s futures through entrepreneurship.

The mission of Q Gourmet's LEAN Women is to empower women through entrepreneurship. LEAN is a program designed to help women develop start-ups in the food industry and introduce their products and services to the market.

"At Q Gourmet, our goal is to provide opportunities to women globally by representing their products to the North American food and lifestyle market. We strive to change their lives for the better and enable them to earn their way out of poverty through entrepreneurship."

About us

As a business, Q Gourmet provides healthy products that mean something to our clients. We have chosen to support initiatives that empower women in the areas of literacy and education, entrepreneurship, advancement & nutrition.

Q Gourmet is committed to advancing the quality and variety of the specialty food industry by offering good-tasting, healthy food to indulgent foodies. With every product, we bring unique selections, nutritional consciousness, and environmental integrity.

We strive to become—in partnership with our global entrepreneur participants—the definitive gourmet food retail brand.

LEAN (Leadership, Education, Advancement, Nutrition) Women is an assistance program dedicated to advancing marketplace opportunities for women and minority businesses in the food industry. LEAN was initiated by Nadine Spencer, founder of Q Gourmet Inc., both of which assist women in underdeveloped countries by promoting and introducing their food products in the North American market, enabling these new entrepreneurs to earn their way out of poverty.

LEAN applies a core structured entrepreneurship philosophy to a program which offers training, mentorship, and capital to women who have marketable products and require assistance for their start-ups.

We exist to serve:

To empower women and help develop female-led start ups, with the aim of having a widespread impact and becoming the global hub for this new demographic.

To assist women entrepreneurs still in the ideation or incubation stage.

To help women bring their products to market.

To facilitate women's financial growth and development.

Goal :

LEAN Women’s focus is to change women’s lives for the better by facilitating the launch of new businesses with unique, wholesome, and nutritious food products.



LEAN Women is a 12-week program for women who have a start-up and/or idea in the incubation stage and require assistance turning their product into a thriving business.

The program includes training, co-working space, access to early stage capital, mentorship, and access to the Q Gourmet collaborative network, which will connect women with valuable resources at every stage of the start-up process.

LEAN Women will accept 100 entrepreneurs who have a tried and tested product into the program each year .

Program LEAN

LEAN is designed for entrepreneurs closer to commercialization.

It is a 12-week program providing exposure to talent and co-working space, and access to early stage capital and mentorship.

The programs and workshops are designed for start-ups that are ready to go but need that little bit of extra help—the capital and right people to turn their product into a real business.

Program will help entrepreneurs still in the ideation or incubation stage, ensuring women and minorities feel they have a chance to turn their ideas into reality.

Participant | Women Entrepreneurs Needed

This program helps reinforce our Participant's long-standing commitment to vendor diversity, and to providing customers with unique gourmet and food services that complement their lifestyles.

To qualify, companies must have a profitable market opportunity with competitive advantage.

Must produce "clean" product, consisting of no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Be willing to participate in the Q Gourmet's LEAN Women Structured Entrepreneurship program.

Participants in the Q program will typically be looking to grow sales between $50,00 and up.

Businesses that go through the program generally come from the food industry and food lifestyle industry, including kitchen gift related items, however, other areas are considered.

The program aims to select 100 participants each year from around the world.