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From Sears Canada Inc.

This was posted on our site today by an appreciative customer. Thought you would like to know...

Q Gourmet Team
Publish Date: 06/03/2009
"We want to let you know how the Q Gourmet Team went above and beyond to provide us with customer service excellence!

We ordered Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to remind us of a recent vacation in the sun. The order was delayed, and we just assumed it was not going to be coming in.
Our expectations were exceeded when we received the coffee. To our surprise and delight it included a signed note from Anne of the Q Gourmet Team! "Sorry for the delay on your Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, the world's best. Like all good things its worth waiting for, and we also wanted to make sure you had the freshest roast. Enjoy!"
This added touch exemplifies the quality of customer service excellence that Sears strives to achieve on every order.
We appreciate Anne's personal attention, and are enjoying our coffee with great pleasure!

Mr Rogers, Sears Customer

I am a fan of The Indulgent Foodie. I absolutely love your products.

Mona Piche, Timmons, ON.

"The babe herself, Nadine Spencer has this amazing new food line of Chocolates -- Indulge in the HOLIDAYS with the most IRRESISTIBLE French chocolate -- straight from FRANCE!
Note: I just did this morning as my friend, Nadine, dropped of a basket to me last night right to my door!
U have to try the "croquelines noir" -- dark chocolate, caramelized almonds, orange confites&riz soufflé!
"all natural!" then i tried "enfer des angeslait" -- milk chocolate, candied orange peels & wedges, candied fruit, honey almonds & hazelnuts, pistachio, raisins ... what more could you want @ home for the holiday season!"

that PR thing - Danielle Iversen

Fabulous Food


BBQ Sauce That's Presidential: Q Gourmet: "While I was tending the Q Gourmet booth at the CATCH Seafood Festival  on June 28th and 29th, for Nadine Spencer, I got a chance to meet Peter of C100 FM’s The Breakfast Club. We chatted for a minute about the Chefs competition and Chef Bears sauces. I had mentioned that the White House Chef used the BBQ sauce, and he bought a bottle and went to find out the whole story from Chef Bear. The next day, when I got to work, Chef Bear told me that Peter had invited him on the radio to talk about his sauce line and give Halifax the scoop on the Presidential BBQ sauce.
Recently when my father retired, we celebrated and raised our glasses with a family BBQ. I used the Smokey BBQ sauce on the braised ribs and they were a hit!

We use Chef Bears Q Gourmet sauces at Bear Restaurant too. The Mango sauce is used mostly for specials, tasting menus, and amuses. All of the sauces are really versatile and easy to use in the spur of the moment. They go great with everything, seafood, pork or chicken. We use the Passion Fruit Mustard as a finishing sauce on the Lamb plate.